YLON-A® Competitive Snorkel


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The Ylon-a aXis Competitive Swimmers Snorkel lines directly up with the swimmers’ rotational axis that allows for a symmetrical body roll and less tension on the grab arm opposite of the breathing side. The comfortable head piece and light weight small gauge tube design makes the Ylon-a aXis Competitive Swimmers Snorkel superior to any of its competitors on the market today. Designed by a fin swimming specialist, the Ylon-a aXis Competitive Swimmers Snorkel meets the needs and the technical requirements of competitive swimmers of all levels. Stable-streamline design does not move when pushing off the wall or swimming at high speeds. Easy mounting system prevents vibrations. Removable mouthpiece makes cleaning easy. The snorkels’ dimensions respect the CMAS* standards and regulations (48 cms = 18.9 inches ). An essential tool for all levels to practice technique.

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