Speedo Trialon Rubber Swim Fins


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100% Natural Rubber. Long blade provides extra power and force. Helps to elongate the kick and improve technique and speed. Soft, orthopedic foot pockets for comfortable extended use. Great for all levels of training, teaching, and recreation.
XXXS (Y 11-13) Red
XXS (Y 1-3) Orange
XS (Y 3-4, W4-5) Yellow
S (W6-7, M5-6) Green
M (W 8-9, M 7-8) Blue
L (W 9-10, M 8-9) Grey
XL (W 11-12, M 10-11) Black
XXL (W 13-14, M 12-13) Navy

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XXXS (Y 11-13) Red, XXS (Y 1-3) Orange, XS (Y 3-4, W4-5) Yellow, S (W6-7, M5-6) Green, M (W 8-9, M 7-8) Blue, L (W 9-10, M 8-9) Grey, XL (W 11-12, M 10-11) Black, XXL (W 13-14, M 12-13) Navy