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Water Gear

Water Gear
Water Gear


  • Water Gear Nose Clip

    Comes with headband and comfortably seals out water.

  • Water Gear Synchro Nose Clip

    Comfortably seals out water.

  • Water Gear Silicone Multi-Flange Ear Plugs

    Hypoallergenic ear plugs. Custom fit with 3 flanges to seal out water.

  • Water Gear Pealess Whistle

    Pealess design ensures penetrating high frequency trill.

  • Water Gear Anti-Fog Solution

    A concentrated, hypo-allergenic fog clearing and lens cleaning solution. Non-eye irritating.

  • Water Gear Lycra

    Comfortable, long wear lycra cap.

  • Water Gear Jazz

    Soft, silky silicone is easy to put on and take off. Designed for snug, secure fit available in a fun array of colors.

  • Water Gear Critter

    Soft, silky silicone: easy to put on and take off. Snug and secure in fun animal designs.

  • Water Gear Swim Fin

    Featuring a soft grade rubber pocket and hard rubber blade.

    Grey/Navy, Shoe Size 1-3
    Grey/Orange, Shoe Size 3-5
    Grey/Green, Shoe Size 5-7
    Grey/Yellow, Shoe Size 7-9
    Grey/Red, Shoe Size 9-11

    $26.99 save 7%