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  • Speedo Short Blade Training Fin




    XXS | Orange | Size: 3-4 (Youth)

    XS | Yellow | Size 4-5 (Youth)

    S | Green | Men's 5-6 | Women's 5.5-6.5

    M | Blue | Men's 6-7 | Women's 7.5-8.5

    L | Grey | Men's 8-9 | Women's 8.5-9.5

    XL | Black | Men's 10-11 | Women's 11.5-12.5

    XXL | Navy | Men's 12-13 | Women's 12.5-14.5 

    • Soft silicone short blade training fins help you develop a stronger, faster flutter kick.
    • Super-soft silicone foot pocket provides extended comfort and secure fit .
    • Short, straight blade helps maintain proper kick/stroke tempo.
    • Import .
  • Speedo Neo Fin Sock

    Neoprene material provides a comfortable barrier between your fins and skin. Helps prevent chafing and blistering while wearing fins. For use with fins of all types.

    Small, Yellow Trim: Women's Size 5-6
    Medium, Green Trim: Women's Size 7-8
    Large, Grey Trim: Women's Size 9-10/Men's Size 7-9
    Extra Large, Black Trim: Men's Size 10-12

  • Speedo Optimus Training Fin

    Notched rubber training fin allows for the uninterrupted natural flow of a flutter kick. Angled blade balances propulsion while maintaining kicking and stroke tempo. Soft Orthopedic foot pockets for comfortable extended workouts. 100% Natural Rubber.

    XXS, Orange: Shoe Size 1-3
    XS, Yellow: Shoe Size 3-4
    S, Green: Shoe Size 5-6
    M, Royal: Shoe Size 7-8
    L, Grey: Shoe Size 8-9
    XL, Black: Shoe Size 10-11
    XXL, Navy: Shoe Size 12-13

    $33.00 save 39%
  • TYR Split Fin

    TYR's versatile SplitFin™ Training Fin looks different because it is different. Unlike conventional fins that force the foot to push water in a flat plane, much like an old paddlewheel, the unique split blades slice through the water with two winged surfaces, creating lift and forward propulsion much like a propeller. SplitFin™ operates more efficiently than 'paddle' bladed fins by mimicking a user's natural kicking cadence. This ensures a more even distribution of resistance during the upswing and down thrust motions of the kicking cycle, working both muscle groups equally to help build leg strength and power output.

    The SplitFin™ functions optimally with a tighter, higher frequency kick for maximum performance power and speed training benefit. This type of kick simulates the natural 'turnover' rate an athlete can only achieve at race pace. The unique, flexible split blade allows sustained intense training over the course of your workout and helps reduce the ankle strain, fatigue and cramping often associated with the use of conventional 'paddle' fins.

    XXS, Purple: Shoe Size 1-2
    XS, Orange: Shoe Size 3-4
    S, Green: Shoe Size 5-6
    M, Yellow: Shoe Size 6-7
    L, Red: Shoe Size 8-9
    XL, Blue: Shoe Size 10-11
    XXL, Smoke: Shoe Size 12-13
    XXXL, Clear: Shoe Size 13-14

    $29.00 save 31%
  • Water Gear Swim Fin

    Featuring a soft grade rubber pocket and hard rubber blade.

    Grey/Navy, Shoe Size 1-3
    Grey/Orange, Shoe Size 3-5
    Grey/Green, Shoe Size 5-7
    Grey/Yellow, Shoe Size 7-9
    Grey/Red, Shoe Size 9-11

    $26.99 save 7%
  • TYR Flexfins

    Flexfins are engineered for swim training regiments and exercise routines. Designed to increase leg strength and enhance foot flexibility, TYR Flexfins are a perfect choice for swimmers at any level that are looking to increase performance and decrease times. Color-coordinated by size for easy identification on the pool deck.

    XXXS - Blue/Grey: 12-1
    XXS - Yellow/Orange: 1-3
    XS - Yellow/Blue: 3-5
    S - Black/Yellow: 5-7
    M - Black/Red: 7-9
    L - Black/Blue: 9-11
    XL - Black/Green: 11-13
    XXL - Orange/Grey: 13+ 
    For female equivalent, please size down 1-2 sizes.

  • Speedo Breast Stroke Fin

    Greatly accelerates breaststroke whip kick teaching and learning process. Provides similar thrust for whip kick as traditional fins do for flutter kick. Reinforces outward angling and rotation of feet. Soft TPR open heel foot pocket conforms to foot for natural feel. Outstanding teaching and training tool for both beginners and established breaststrokers.

    XXS, Orange: Shoe Size 11-13 (Youth)
    XS, Yellow: Shoe Size 1-3
    S, Green: Shoe Size 4-6
    M, Blue: Shoe Size 7-9
    L, Grey: Shoe Size 10-12
    XL, Black: Shoe Size 13-15

    $37.00 save 19%
  • TYR Cross Blade Fins

    CrossBlade™ Training Fins are multi-purpose training fins designed to elevate your swim. Showcasing an intermediate blade length, the LFCROSS combines the attributes of both short and long blade fins, increasing tempo and speed while still offering resistance to build leg power and improve technique. Showcasing soft rubber foot pockets, the CrossBlade Fins conform to the foot, ensuring a secure comfortable fit swim after swim. Perfect for race-pace training, the CrossBlade Fins allow you to maintain arm and kick tempo at higher speeds, imitating race-speeds in practice.

    Male Sizes:

    • XXS (1-3) Purple
    • XS (3-5) Orange
    • S (5-7) Green
    • M (7-9) Yellow
    • L (9-11) Red
    • XL (11-13) Royal
    • XXL (13-15) Light Gray
    • XXXL (15-17) Black

    *For Female equivalent, please size down 1-2 sizes.


  • Speedo Switchblade Fin

    A new Angle on training
    Engineered with a 10 degree blade angle to provide maximum stability and engagement through the kick cycle
    All sizes are Red/Black

    Accessories - SwitchBlade Rubber Fins
    MEN 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 13-14
    WOMEN 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 13-14 14-15
    YOUTH 1-2 2-3 4-5 6-7
  • Speedo Trialon Rubber Swim Fin

    Long blade provides extra power and force. Soft, Orthopedic foot pockets for comfortable extended use. Great for all levels of training. Helps to elongate the kick and improve technique and speed. 100% Natural Rubber.


    MEN       5-6 7-8 8.5-9 10-11 12-13
    WOMEN       6.5-7.5 8.5-9.5 9.5-10.5 11.5-12  
    YOUTH 11-13 1-3 3-4    


    $33.99 save 6%
  • Speedo Power Fin

    A versatile, long-blade fin for training, teaching and recreation. Soft TPR foot pocket for comfort and secure fit. Acceler Rib blade technology for enhanced propulsion and performance. Great for swimmers of all ability levels.

    XXS, Orange: Shoe Size 1-3
    XS, Yellow: Shoe Size 3-4
    S, Green: Shoe Size 5-6
    M, Blue: Shoe Size 7-8

  • Speedo Nemesis Fin



    Size Chart Equivalents:

    • XS = Men's 4-5 | Women's 5.5-6.5
    • S = Men's 5.5-6 | Women's 7.0-7.5
    • M = Men's 6.5-7.5 | Women's 8-9
    • L = Men's 8-9.5 | Women's 9.5-10.5
    • XL = Men's 10-11 | Women's 11-12
    • XXL = Men's 12-13
    • Learn more about our technology inspired by nature: Click here
    • Awarded Gear of the Show at Summer Outdoor Retailer 2014.
    • The Nemesis Fins will become your greatest ally in the pool. The most comfortable fin on the market with ergonomic foot pocket features and floating properties which elevates the hips and feet into an improved streamline body position.
    • TUBERCLES: These scalloped outer edges creates greater surface area for water to pass over allowing the swimmer to push more water during kicking drills and training sets.
    • BLOW VALVES: Medial edge openings creates a valve effect, where water is captured on the underside and forced through the smaller opening creating more resistance on the downward kick.
    • FLOW CHANNELS: Channels on the top and bottom of the fins help guide water in the proper direction, which helps rotate the foot into the correct orientation for maximum kick efficiency.
    • INJECTED MOLDED EVA FOAM (IMEVA): IMEVA fins are naturally buoyant aiding the swimmer with an elevated body position keeping hips and feet in a more streamline position.
    • UNPARALLELED COMFORT: Interior foot pocket was engineered by footwear experts considering unique footwear features such as: arch support, more toe space to prevent pinching and cramping, graduated instep for excellent fitting across the mid-foot.
    • HEEL STRAPS: Unique under-heel strap provides extra stability.
    • INTEGRATED GRAB HOLE: Incorporated finger hole on top of fin for ease of getting the fin on the foot.