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  • TYR Junior Pull Float

    The Junior Pull Float has a smaller ergonomic design, for use by children, young adults and smaller swimmers. 4.75"" EVA foam construction

  • TYR Junior Kickboard

    The Junior Kickboard showcases a smaller design to decrease impact on shoulders. Engineered for children, young adults and smaller swimmers, the LJKB is the perfect training aid for practicing kicks, excercise routines and building leg strength. Built to last, our Junior Kickboard is constructed of durable, closed cell EVA foam, for extended life and performance in the water.
  • TYR Pull Float

    The TYR Pull Float is engineered for strengthening and aquatic exercise routines. The Pull Float increases resistance and weight in the water, to help develop upper body strength and proper technique. Designed to be placed between the legs, the Pull Float helps swimmers concentrate on arm stroke and technique, by isolating the legs and negating kicking. 6" EVA foam construction.

  • Speedo Junior Pull Buoy

    The Speedo Junior Pull Buoy is designed for smaller swimmers and helps develop upper body strength and proper alignment in the water during swim workouts.


  • Speedo Pull Buoy

    A training device for developing endurance and upper body strength.  Develops upper body strength by suspending and floating your legs. Provides support to the body without kicking the legs, allowing swimmer to focus on training arms only. Promotes proper body positioning. Helps to train on the "pull" phase of the swim stroke. Made of soft durable EVA foam.

  • Strokemakers Paddles XXS 0.0 BLU

    Sold as a pair. Recommended for advanced swim classes, young age-group swimmers (ages 5-10), and for swimmers of all ages as finger tip paddles.
  • TYR Kickboard

    This kickboard is constructed of durable, closed cell EVA foam, for extended life and performance in the water.
    Dimensions: 20" x 11.5"
  • SPEEDO Ventilator Mesh Equipment Bag


    Mesh Equipment Bag   (7520119)

    Additional Colors Available

  • Strokemakers Paddles XS 0.5 Orange

    Sold as a pair. Recommended for age group swimmers from 8-11 years old, female masters swimmers, and for all ages as finger tip paddles or higher tempo drills.

  • Speedo Short Blade Training Fin




    XXS | Orange | Size: 3-4 (Youth)

    XS | Yellow | Size 4-5 (Youth)

    S | Green | Men's 5-6 | Women's 5.5-6.5

    M | Blue | Men's 6-7 | Women's 7.5-8.5

    L | Grey | Men's 8-9 | Women's 8.5-9.5

    XL | Black | Men's 10-11 | Women's 11.5-12.5

    XXL | Navy | Men's 12-13 | Women's 12.5-14.5 

    • Soft silicone short blade training fins help you develop a stronger, faster flutter kick.
    • Super-soft silicone foot pocket provides extended comfort and secure fit .
    • Short, straight blade helps maintain proper kick/stroke tempo.
    • Import .
  • Strokemakers Paddles S 1.0 AZURE

    Sold as a pair. Recommended for age group swimmers from 9-13 years old, high school girls and stroke swimmers, female masters swimmers, and triathletes, synchro, water aerobics/rehab, and high tempo drills.

  • Strokemakers Paddles M 2.0 YLW

    Sold as a pair. Recommended for older age group swimmers, younger high school boys, older high school girls (freestyle), college men (strokes), college women (free), masters, triatheletes, synchro and water aerobics/rehab.

  • Strokemakers Paddles L 3.0 RED

    Sold as a pair. Recommended for senior national level girls, older high school boys, strong college women (free), college men (free/stroke), male masters/triathletes, synchro, water aerobics/rehab, and body surfing.

  • Speedo Neo Fin Sock

    Neoprene material provides a comfortable barrier between your fins and skin. Helps prevent chafing and blistering while wearing fins. For use with fins of all types.

    Small, Yellow Trim: Women's Size 5-6
    Medium, Green Trim: Women's Size 7-8
    Large, Grey Trim: Women's Size 9-10/Men's Size 7-9
    Extra Large, Black Trim: Men's Size 10-12

  • Speedo Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Bag

    PRODUCT DETAILS: Medium-sized equipment bag designed to hold all your swimming essentials. Shoulder straps for backpack carry. Measures: 24" x 17"

    Lots of colors available!


  • Strokemakers Paddles XL 4.0 Purple

    Sold as a pair. Recommended for for senior national level men, college men, very strong college women, advanced male triathletes/masters, technique and cycle count drills for advanced swimmers, water aerobics/rehab, and body surfing.

  • Finis Agility Paddle

    • Paddle will remain in place if swimmer maintains early vertical forearm position. Creates proper hand placement with thumb and fingers in ideal position
    • Ergonomic shape is designed to fit the natural contour of the hand. No more broken straps or looking for replacements during practice
    • Convex design provides increased traction with the water. No pieces to loose or break
    • Versatile paddle works for freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. No straps to cut off circulation of hands and wrists
    • Accommodates most hand sizes, including narrow hands
  • Speedo Optimus Training Fin

    Notched rubber training fin allows for the uninterrupted natural flow of a flutter kick. Angled blade balances propulsion while maintaining kicking and stroke tempo. Soft Orthopedic foot pockets for comfortable extended workouts. 100% Natural Rubber.

    XXS, Orange: Shoe Size 1-3
    XS, Yellow: Shoe Size 3-4
    S, Green: Shoe Size 5-6
    M, Royal: Shoe Size 7-8
    L, Grey: Shoe Size 8-9
    XL, Black: Shoe Size 10-11
    XXL, Navy: Shoe Size 12-13

    $33.00 save 39%